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Passengers arriving at Hamburg Airport or coming to the airport for departure have a number of different transport options available. Visitors can get to the airport using taxis, trains, rental cars or the regular bus services stopping just outside the two terminal buildings.

Using the Hamburg Airport buses as a means of coming and going out of the airport is an excellent option. The airport has 3 bus stops, namely bus stops A, B and C. All are located right in front of the airport terminals. There is also an additional bus stops located at the western side of the airport. Hamburg Airport buses from this stop operate from the Lufthansa engineering base. However, passengers can get to this point from the airport terminal using the P8/P9 parking bus and the bus runs every 10 minutes. The airport shuttle normally conveys passengers wishing to use the Lufthansa bus free of charge to the engineering base. The shuttle bus is available from 03:45 am onward.

It is important that passengers are aware of the route the buses are taking and are also familiar with the time table, if they wish to make their flights on time. The Jasper airport bus offers non-stop services. It runs from the airport bus stop B to the central railway station in Hamburg City on Kirchenallee. Locating the bus stop from the railway station is very simple. The bus stop is conspicuously signposted. It is situated just opposite the Europäische Hotel building. The buses are available every 10 to 15 minutes from 5:45 am to 7:30 pm. As from 10:30 pm to 12 am the buses are available every 20 minutes. The journey takes about 25 to 35 minutes. The cost of the journey is 5.00 Euro for adults and 2.00 Euro for children up 12 years old but only for a one-way journey.

Hamburg Airport Kielius buses carry passengers from the airport to the city of Kiel in the State of Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel has its own airport, mainly serving Scandinavia. The buses are available at bus stop C. It takes 8o minutes to get to Kiel using this shuttle service. The buses are available from Monday to Sunday but on Sundays the services are not available at 7:13 pm, 12:13 pm, 6:13 pm and 10:13 pm. It costs 24 Euro to get to Kiel. You can call +49 (0) 431 666 2222 for more information.

The Traveliner Bus is located also at bus stop C and it goes to different locations. There are buses from Hamburg Airport to Hoisbuttel Station which takes 30 minutes and then from there to Bargteheide which takes 40 minutes. The journey from there to Bad Oldesloe takes 55 minutes and the final destination is Lübeck ZOB 13 and it takes 80 minutes to get there. The ancient city of Lübeck is a UNESCO world heritage site and a treasure trove of medieval buildings, artifacts and exhibitions relating to the days of the Hanseatic League and the days of the Vikings. There are no buses available during weekends and holidays at 1900. The cost for a one-way journey is 24 Euro.

The 9E bus goes to Hamburg ZOB (main bus terminal), Hittfeld, Hannover Airport, Hannover ZOB and Göttingen ZOB. Kassel, Frankfurt Airport Terminal and other locations but the final destination is Heidelberg. There are also return buses from this point back to Hamburg Airport. The cost for the journey depends on the final destination. It ranges from 9.00 Euro to 49.00 Euro. The buses are available at airport bus stop A.

Besides the coach buses, there are also local buses from each of the 3 bus stops. The Lufthansa base also provides local bus services. For people arriving at night who would like to travel with night buses, Hamburg Airport night buses are available and they run between Göttingen to Hannover and Hamburg Airport. There are also return buses following the same route.

Visitors staying for some time in Hamburg should enquire at the main tourist office, if they can buy a Hamburg Card, allowing discounted travel on public transport and many reductions for entrance fees to the main attractions. Travelling by bus is easy in Hamburg; however, the metro system is a good alternative for less confident travelers.

Which Bus services/routes have stops at Hamburg Airport?

%UB %SB Ohlsdorf > %SB Hamburg Airport

Bus Service Operated By Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)

Rathausmarkt > %UB Burgstraße > %SB Hamburg Airport > %UB Langenhorn Markt

Bus Service Operated By Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)

Licentiatenberg > Groß Borstel > Eppendorf > %UB Klosterstern > Bf. Dammtor > Rathausmarkt

Bus Service Operated By Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)


Bus Service Operated By Hochbahn Bus

Hamburg U S Ohlsdorf(Freibad)


Bus Service Operated By Hochbahn Bus

Where are the Bus Stops at Hamburg Airport?

Bus Stop Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) 53.633424 10.006321 View
Hamburg S Hamburg Airport 53.63267 10.006585 View
S Hamburg Airport 53.632686738084 10.006278976078 View
Map of Bus Stops at Hamburg Airport