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Hamburg International Airport is the oldest and the 5th busiest airport in Germany. There are flights available to different locations across the world as most of the major airlines operate from this airport. It also provides domestic flights to major cities in Germany.

Coming to the airport from the Hamburg city or getting to the city from the airport is stress free and visitors do not need to worry about getting lost. There are various transport service options available. Visitors can either use car rental, bus services, taxis or railway services. Using railway services is an excellent way of saving money. Generally, railway services are cheaper than the other options. It is also useful for people with heavy luggage, as German trains have plenty of storage on-board.

There are five main railway stations in Hamburg. These are Altona, Harburg, Dammtor, Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and Bergedorf railway stations. There are different types of railway services available at each of these railway stations. The Inter City Express (ICE) high speed train conveys people to major cities in Germany, such as Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne.

Among the above mentioned railway stations, Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station, is connected to Hamburg Airport by a metro train system, namely the S-Bahn S 1 commuter train line. The S-Bahn S 1 commuter train line connects the airport and the city center. Trains from Hamburg Airport to the railway station take about 25 minutes. Hamburg Airport trains are available every 10 to 20 minutes. Even if visitors miss a train, there is no cause for alarm since they will be able to catch another 10 or 20 minutes later.

The S-Bahn railway station of the airport is located right in front of Hamburg Airport’s terminals. Visitors can get to the station either by taking the lift, stairs or escalators. It will take just a minute or two to get to the S-Bahn station from the terminals using any of the above mentioned means.

It is import to note the name of the line into the city center is the S1 train. From Hamburg Airport the train gets into Ohlsdorf and changes to the U1 line, which is an underground train service. The train will run from there to Rübenkamp, Alte Wöhr and when it gets to Barmbek it will change again, this time to U2 or U3. Another change in line will be made when the train gets to Berliner Tor. Here, there is a change to U2, U3 and S21 lines. The train will continue towards Wedel.

Passengers coming from the city to the airport should be aware that on getting to Ohlsdorf, the train divides. The carriages that go to the airport are the first three carriages. The rest will proceed to Poppenbüttel.

Passengers needing to be at the airport by a certain time should take note of the time table. The train services start from 0355 on Mondays to Fridays, while trains getting to the airport from the Hauptbahnof leave by 0404 from Mondays to Fridays. The services are available every 10 minutes. On Saturdays, Sundays and during Bank Holidays, train services are available every 10 to 20 minutes throughout the day.

The train service fare is 2.7 Euro for adults no matter what the destination is in Hamburg. The fare for children within the age limit of 6 to 14 years is just 1.00 Euro per child. Using the train to get to Hamburg Airport provides visitors with an opportunity of having a good view of the airport as the train approaches the airport complex.

For visitors wishing to travel to onward destinations outside of Hamburg, it is advisable to either pre-book their long distance train tickets or to buy a Länder Ticket, which is a cheap day travel ticket valid from 9.00 am for 24 hours within the state the visitor is travelling to. So, if a tourist is planning to travel to destinations in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, buying a Länder ticket for this state will allow the tourist to travel for less than 30.00 euros as a single traveler and for around 30.00 euros a group of up to five adults can travel on just one ticket within the stipulated period in the State of Schleswig-Holstein. These tickets can be obtained from the ticket machine at the station.

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Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) 53.63235 10.006646 View
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